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Collection of Services

At Aidez Moi Designs, we specialize in curating and delivering more than mere events; we create unique, immersive, and unforgettable experiences. Our hallmark lies in offering personalized services, sophistication, and a diverse range of offerings tailored to elevate luxury event planning to new heights.

Which experience suits you best?

1. Customized Excellence Package: Complete Event Mastery
From the initial stages of event conception to its flawless execution, our team takes charge of every intricate detail. This includes thorough venue scouting, where we identify and secure the perfect setting to match your event's ambiance and needs. Our dedicated team manages all communications, handling essential phone calls, negotiations, and coordination with vendors, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly. From liaising with catering services to entertainment bookings and beyond, we oversee each aspect with precision. We create and adhere to a comprehensive timeline- meticulously planning every phase of the event, managing logistics, schedules, and contingencies, guaranteeing a smooth and memorable experience for you and your guests. With our Customized Excellence package, expect nothing less than a harmoniously orchestrated event. Some examples that could fall under this category:

  1. Corporate Galas

  2. Lavish Weddings

  3. Multi-day Conferences

  4. Annual Celebrations

  5. Product Launches

  6. Charity Galas  

  7. Fundraising Events

  8. Grand Openings and Premieres

  9. Luxury Brand Events

  10. VIP Receptions and Soirées

  11. Award Ceremonies

  12. Multi-day Conferences

  13. Tradeshows and Exhibitions

  14. Nonprofit Conferences 

  15. Corporate Retreats and Summits

  16. International Business Forums

  17. Luxury Retreats and Getaways

2. Tailored Assistance Package: Strategic Collaboration

Our Tailored Assistance Package provides expert guidance and support to refine your event vision. Designed for clients seeking specific assistance rather than full-scale planning, we collaborate to streamline crucial aspects of your event. We assist in venue recommendations aligned with your preferences, ensuring suitability for your envisioned ambiance and needs. Focused on your vision, we facilitate vendor communications, aiding negotiations and coordination for essential elements such as catering and entertainment. Our role lies in offering precise guidance and support, enabling a seamless collaboration between you and vendors.

Recommended event types for our Tailored Assistance Package include:

  1. Corporate Retreat Outlines

  2. Networking Sessions

  3. Anniversary Celebrations

  4. Refined Product Presentations

  5. Executive Luncheons

  6. Seminars

  7. Donor Appreciation Events

  8. Tailored VIP Receptions

  9. High-profile Seminars

  10. Intimate Business Dinners

  11. Elite Members-Only Functions

  12. Business Meetings

  13. Executive-Level Workshops

3. Foundational Framework Package: Guided Event Essentials

Foundational Framework Package: Guided Event Essentials

Our Foundational Framework Package is designed to assist clients in answering the fundamental questions of event planning: Who, Where, What, and How. Tailored for those seeking essential guidance, this package provides curated suggestions to kickstart your event journey. We offer a starting list of potential venues and vendors aligned with your event's envisioned ambiance and requirements. However, we do not engage in negotiations or contract arrangements on your behalf. Our focus lies in providing foundational support, aiding in answering crucial event-planning queries and jumpstarting your planning process. 

Events well-suited for our Foundational Framework Package may include:

  1. Intimate Social Gatherings

  2. Small-scale Corporate Luncheons

  3. Milestone Celebrations

  4. Networking Events

  5. Executive Workshops

  6. Volunteer Appreciation Events

  7. Compact Product Presentations

  8. Brand Showcases

  9. Initial Business Forums

  10. Charity Walks or Runs (Fun Runs)

  11. Dinners and Luncheons

  12. Executive Meetings

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