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Owner and Chief Event Officer- Sinai Bebo

Hi, I'm Sinai & I'm so glad you're here! I am indeed endlessly captivated by the allure of golden sunsets, dreaming of ideas for the next extraordinary event but you're probably more eager to know about my company and what we do. Luxury and purpose seamlessly come together to create extraordinary events at Aidez Moi Designs & Consulting. We specialize in curating exquisite events that not only dazzle with elegance but also serve a meaningful purpose for our clients. From private soirées to corporate galas, we infuse each occasion with a touch of sophistication and a dash of magic. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for delivering exceptional service, we're here to make your event dreams come true. Let me share a little about my journey and how it has shaped my passion for event planning and design with purpose. 

Growing up in a large, beautiful, multi-cultural family in a small town, I was fortunate to witness the magic of celebrations firsthand. Our parents transformed our family home into an enchanting event venue, and we, the children/offspring of the children, became the dedicated staff. It was within these walls that my love for the event world and design ignited, and thanks to our parents, I developed a fantastical work ethic that still drives me today. 


Over the years, as I gained invaluable experiences and insights, I discovered profound significance of knowing who you are, celebrating those around you, and being an integral part of the community. These discoveries also revealed my own identity- a blend of being bougie, black, intense, strategic, protective, a visionary, and deeply connected to others. These traits have become the guiding force behind Aidez Moi (Aid-eh-moi), a name that represents the helping hand we extend to you, yours, and our shared community. I am immensely proud to be in community with fellow luxury enthusiasts (bougierites), advocates, professionals, non-profits, and community organizers like you. It is through these connections that we bring purpose to life, raise awareness, and make a positive impact. At Aidez Moi Designs & Consulting, I believe events are not just gatherings; they are transformative experiences that bring people together, inspire and create lasting memories.


Together, let's embark on a remarkable journey of collaboration and create events that reflect your vision, values and aspirations. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to creating unforgettable moments with you! 

Sinai Bebo- Chief Events Officer 

Our Values 

I do really great work, for a very small group of people.

At Aidez Moi, we take immense pride and dedication to cultivating exquisite experiences. When you choose to work with us, you gain more than just an event planner – you gain a trusted partner who will invest their time, attention, availability, energy, effort, network, and creative bandwidth into bringing your vision to life. You ask us to become your accountant, builder, the go to person, the custodian of your overall budget & trust that we really do work with only highly skilled people. From the initial consultation to the final moments of your event, we are fully committed to providing a personalized and exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

And here's the exquisite truth: transparency and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. There are no kickbacks, commissions, trades, or secret commitments. When we recommend a vendor or service provider, we do so based on a genuine belief that they align with our values of delivering top-quality service and are simply the right fit for the job.

Helping Hands

Research: In my quest for excellence, I delve deep into understanding who my client is, the specific goals, values, and aspirations you have. Through thorough research, I uncover the essence of branding, target audience, and the message you wish to convey. This invaluable insight enables me to curate events that align and resonate powerfully with you and your audience.

Development: Armed with a deep understanding of my clients' objectives, I embark on a journey of development, transforming ideas into tangible event concepts. I collaborate closely with companies, non-profits, community organizers, and professionals to ensure that every element of the event reflects each unique identity and captures the essence of their mission.

Design: Whether it's an elegant corporate affair, a philanthropic gala, or a professional networking event, I conceptualize stunning visual landscapes, incorporating innovative decor, lighting, and branding elements that elevate the experience and create a lasting impression.

Labor: Behind the scenes, I assemble a skilled and passionate team that shares my commitment to excellence. From seasoned event staff to talented technicians and production crew, each member of the labor force is carefully selected to ensure flawless execution. 

Production: As the event draws near, meticulous planning and expert coordination come into play. I oversee the production process, orchestrating the integration of diverse elements such as entertainers, keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and entertainment. Seamless, cohesive and engaging is what I craft. 

Execution: Your event would not be complete without me there-This is why you really hired me! Let me be the one flitting from managing timelines, coordinating vendors, the go-to for your venue staff,  to overseeing the guest experience. I thrive on creating an atmosphere where participants are inspired, connections are forged, and objectives are achieved.

Together, this dynamic journey of Research, Development, Design, Labor, Production, and Execution forms the foundation of my work as your Social Architect and Event Planner. 

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