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Signature Experiences

At Aidez Moi Designs, we thrive on orchestrating signature experiences that reflect our personal passions, celebrating the sheer joy of indulgence. Who doesn't relish an opportunity to shine and revel in luxury? We craft the perfect stage for unforgettable moments that embody our commitment to excellence and boundless creativity.

Upcoming Events

  • Black Boujie Brunch: Summer SOULstice
    Black Boujie Brunch: Summer SOULstice
    Sun, Jun 23
    Jun 23, 2024, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Denver, 1028 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205, USA
    Jun 23, 2024, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Denver, 1028 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205, USA
    Elevate your summer celebration with soulful tunes, exquisite soul food, and top-shelf libations.
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The Double Door Network is a vibrant space that fosters connections, both for professional growth and personal fulfillment. We aim to empower individuals by nurturing authentic relationships, expanding networks, and exploring the potential for romance. Through carefully curated events, we provide a platform where networking not only leads to career opportunities but also kindles the flames of lasting relationships. Each event is crafted to offer a potential mix of all the elements that make our connections unique: 

Icebreaker Introductions, Themed Discussions, Networking Circles, Guest Speakers and Experts, Interactive Workshops, Networking Games, Q&A Sessions, Mix and Mingle, and Consultations!

Join us at the Double Door Network

🌐 Expand your professional network with authentic connections

💖 Explore the potential for romantic sparks in a respectful setting

🚀 Open doors to new opportunities for growth and collaboration

🎉 Experience events infused with themes that inspire and engage

🤝🏾Embark on a journey of guided serendipity, connecting at your pace.

Pasta and Wine
Black Bougie Brunch
Black Bougie Brunch

This ultra-chic, melanin-filled monthly brunch experience is curated for the select group of bougie Denverites who not only appreciate the art of brunch but also embody a passion for culture, style, and meaningful connections. Prepare to indulge in the essence of sophistication and the celebration of Black excellence. Step into dynamic, luxurious, and ever-changing settings. Immerse yourself in worlds of elegance, refinement, and cultural exploration.   

Join us monthly at the Black Bougie Brunch, where each gathering is an opportunity for meaningful connections, networking, and the forging of new relationships.

Dress Code: Bougie. Embrace your most glamorous and stylish attire, allowing your personal expression to shine. This is your opportunity to showcase your impeccable sense of style. Think of sharp and well-tailored ensembles that exude confidence, sophistication, and a hint of extravagance.


We consider caps, tank tops, flip flops, and team athletic attire too casual for these experiences.

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