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Our 'Brand New' Noose & the Search for Authenticity

Is Knowing Too Much, Too Much? It's a question that often nudges my thoughts, my mind a carousel of Biblical tales and personal anecdotes. Admittedly, my days at Bible college probably contribute to this perspective. Recently, amidst Denver's vibrant social tapestry—its venues, bars, hotspots, and restaurants—the concept of 'Brand New' thrives like a viral meme. Let's be candid for a second. The 'newness' claims thrown around these places often cast shadows because of my personal histyory. That 'new', swanky and shiny restaurant? Two years ago, it witnessed the grand exit of *Todd and me, center stage in front of our server. That 'brand new' bar saw a not-so-subtle proposition from two very married men back in March. Excuse me while I sip my French 75 in peace, thank you very much!

Contemplating these experiences and as a fellow business owner, I acknowledge the necessity of rejuvenation and reconnecting with our audience. Nonetheless, blantantly stating something is new, when it's not, well... that's new. My business venture began five years ago, precisely on December 9th. Now diving headfirst into it full time, in theory, I could say it's 'brand new'. I can talk myself in circles of its brand newness---new city of operations, a rebrand (brand new logo, brand new website, brand new clientele), etc. The 'brand new' narrative could go on for days! An inner conflict brews because I once was the girl captivated by the allure of everything new. I loved the popups even though it was the same bar, with the same drinks albeit with a little more artificial enhancements matching the current holiday or trend. The drinks and magic come with an inflated price tag, but you get a souvenir mug! Having a Grinch-like moment, I find myself pondering the essence of authenticity when I question our collective journey. Are we, unwittingly or willingly, like sheep, being led to slaughter? Our 'brand new' noose tightening—crippling debt, hangovers, numbing and a hazy evasion of our lives and our meaning in it. We are disconnecting from our deeper purpose and the cycle of superficiality continues under the banner of 'brand new'.

Aidez Moi Designs- Eve and the Forbidden Fruit
Aidez Moi Designs- Eve and the Forbidden Fruit

In this introspective musing, I recall the imagery of Eve and the forbidden fruit. The serpent's seductive pitch of 'knowing both good and evil' really echo hauntingly. Is this what he meant? Could it be that I've bitten into a metaphorical forbidden fruit, thrust into a realm of excessive knowledge? Too much clarity seems to dull the sparkle, leaving behind a wistful yearning for the charm, whimsy, and enchantment that once lit up my world. Did Eve, in her innocence, anticipate her world losing its luster simply by seeking too much wisdom? Did she scramble to reclaim that lost glimmer?

As we navigate the world of reinvention and allure, it's crucial to acknowlege the delicate balance between novelty and substance. The pursuit of 'brand new' shouldn't eclipse our search for authenticity and depth. It's about fostering genuine connections, nurturing integrity, and crafting experiences that resonate profoundly. At least, that's what I seek for myself and strive to curate for my clients. To my industry friends—clients and vendors—let's weave tales that transcend mere novelty, events that resonate with sincerity and purpose. That's where the true magic resides. 'Brand new' sparkles briefly, but authenticity and meaning? They possess an enduring brilliance all their own.

*The name has been changed to honor the gentleman.

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